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Certified Nursing Assistant Training (CNA) in Somerset New Jersey

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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Title description, August 10, 2017

Career training in CNA:

Upon successful completion of this career training program and state competency evaluation test, a student can become a Certified Nurse Assistant in the State of New Jersey. This program is designed to help students learn information, skills, and critical procedures necessary to improve the quality of life of clients in long-term care facility and prepare them for the certification exam. This course is divided into two parts: 50 hours of classroom theory and 40 hours of clinical.

Time requirements are mandated by the state; therefore, 100% attendance is mandatory.  Students must have proof of a physical examination prior to admission.  Background check is required to get state license.

Valid Social Security Number and photo ID is required.

Core Modules:

  • Introduction to Nurse Aide responsibilities towards residents in Long Term Care Facilities
  • Psychosocial Needs of the resident
  • Physical Needs of the resident
  • Spiritual, Recreational Needs of the resident


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CT America has 100% Job Placements for Certified Nursing Assistants at Regency Jewish Heritage Nursing Home & Rehab Center. 380 Demott Lane, Somerset NJ. 08873. The school also assists successful graduates in finding gainful employment with the following;
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